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Private or Public Transfer?

Private transportation offers travelers a large number of benefits that are simply not available when taking public transportation. Public transportation is typically offered in medium to large cities around the world. This type of transportation is funded, at least partially, by taxes. Private transfer companies are owned, operated and funded by, as their name states, private companies.

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Public transportation is defined as a shared passenger transport service that is available to be used by anyone in the general public, for a fee. Some public transport modes in use today include city buses, trolleys, trams or light rail, passenger trains, subways (also referred to as rapid transits, metros and undergrounds), ferries, coaches and intercity rail systems. What all of these have in common is that you will be sharing your transportation experience with a large number of other people. These people will be strangers and you will have no control over their behavior, courtesy, manners, and overall health and psychological well-being.

In order to be able to make use of public transport, you will have to adjust your schedule to fit the pre-set timetable of the service of your choice. This can be inconvenient and can leave you waiting for long periods of time in inclement weather, often alone or with people you do not know and who may not be safe. In contrast, one of the many benefits of private transfer is that you will be picked up according to your schedule, at a time that is convenient to you and in a location of your choosing. Not only will this allow you to be on time to meetings and other scheduled events, but it will also mean that you will arrive dry, warm and safe.

Public transportation often involves such a large number of other passengers that it may be difficult to find a seat. This can result in you standing for a large portion of your commute, which for many people can be quite torturous. Private transfer cars offer you plush comfort and privacy with no fear of not having a place to sit. You will be able to read, answer emails or phone messages in privacy as opposed to attempting to drown out the sounds of everyone traveling with you on the subway.

It’s also important to remember that public transportation often comes with frequent and multiple stops that will add significant time to your already busy day. If time is important to you, private transfer is a much better choice for you over public transportation.

Historically, one of the greatest benefits of choosing public transportation has been the ability to sit back and allow someone else to do the driving. Now, with the increase in reliable private transport companies, the ability to afford a private car has been extended to a lot more people. Now you can enjoy sitting back and allowing someone else to drive you to your destination, with the added benefits of comfort, privacy, safety, and arriving on time every time you travel.

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20.00 Ataturk Aiport - Old City Sultanahmet Transfer
50.00 Sabiha Gokcen Airport - Old City Sultanahmet Transfer
30.00 Ataturk Aiport - New City Taksim Transfer
50.00 Sabiha Gokcen Airport - New City Taksim Transfer